New Member Registration Form

Chi Sigma is only open to students (5th-12th) enrolled at Prestonwood Christian Academy or PCAPlus for the current school year. For further questions, please contact our Membership V.P. Rebekah Worrell at

Please read and give careful consideration to the following Chi Sigma information below, which are the tenants and principles of Chi Sigma, in its entirety. This includes: Chi Sigma’s Membership Agreement, Chi Sigma’s Hold Harmless Agreement and Chi Sigma’s Code of Conduct. Membership in Chi Sigma is dependent upon members being in complete agreement with these documents. 


As a parent (guardian) member and a student member of Chi Sigma, we understand our roles and responsibilities within the organization. We commit to the Chi Sigma organization and mission and agree to adhere to its bylaws and Code of Conduct. 

We agree to fulfill the required financial and membership obligations listed below for good standing during the 2023-2024 year. 

1. Student will:
    a. Serve a minimum of three service opportunities that Chi Sigma sponsors.
    b. Serve at the Special Friends Prom
    c. Attend one personal growth event.
    d. Serve at least the following: MS Student 10 hours/HS Student 20 hours/Senior 15 hours
    e. Document service hours and personal growth electronically on the Chi Sigma website.
    f.  Be in good standing with Prestonwood Christian Academy.  

2. Parent will:
    a. Serve a minimum of three service opportunities that Chi Sigma sponsors.
    b. Serve at the Special Friends Prom
    c. Document service hours electronically on the Chi Sigma website.

3. Pay annual dues of $80 which includes the first student and parent registration.  A fee of $65 for each additional student and $15 for an additional parent member. 

4. Attend the Kick-Off party.

5. Speak kindly about Chi Sigma and help recruit new membership yearly.

6. Wear Chi Sigma t-shirts to every service event Chi Sigma organizes and clothing appropriate for the event.

By signing this document I give our consent to allow photographs of me and members of my family to be used for Chi Sigma marketing purposes.

We further understand that our memberships to Chi Sigma are interdependent but the mission implies that the parent (guardian) and student are a team. Thus our memberships are dependent on each other to maintain good-standing status.

We understand that our failure to uphold our commitments will affect others in the Chi Sigma organization; therefore, if at any time we are unable to fulfill the above commitments, we will immediately contact the Chi Sigma President or the VP of Membership to discuss the situation and identify mutually beneficial solutions.  In the event that a member is not fulfilling their hour or Chi Sigma event requirements and they do not contact the VP of Membership, the Board may contact the member to discuss a possible probationary period in which to allow the member to complete requirements and restore them to good standing.  

By signing this document we agree to the above stated terms of membership.


I, the parent (guardian), having legal custody of my child/children, a student(s), gives permission for he/she to attend and participate in all Chi Sigma activities and meetings from the period of May 1, 2023 until April 30, 2024.

Further, I hereby agree to release, and hold harmless Chi Sigma, Chi Sigma’s legal representatives, officers, directors, agents, representatives, successors and assign for and from any and all claims, demands, debts and damages of any kind or nature, including without limitation for the injury of my self and/or my child arising out of my and/or my child's participation in the meetings and activities of Chi Sigma.

Transportation release: I accept responsibility for the transportation of myself and my child/children, to and from any Chi Sigma meeting or activity. I also agree that any child will under no circumstances drive another child to a Chi Sigma activity or meeting unless the child is a sibling.

Chi Sigma’s activities, events, meetings, or agents will not be held responsible for any form of claim, demand, debts, dues, damage of any nature due to injury to my child or myself occurring during transportation to or from a Chi Sigma event.


Chi Sigma membership is a privilege. Every member has the obligation and responsibility to uphold the high moral standards of being a believer and follower of Jesus Christ and thus uphold the reputation Christ wants His followers to have. You, as a member of this body of Christ followers, affect this through your attitude, conversations, and behaviors. This guide for your conduct is a minimum. Please read it carefully and take seriously your electronic agreement on this document as your commitment to the standards Christians are directed to follow.

* I agree to attend all meetings and volunteer opportunities to the best of my abilities according to Chi Sigma guidelines. I will notify, in as much advanced notice as I am able to if I need to cancel an event attendance or meeting attendance. I realize this could jeopardize my membership standing. I understand when I sign up to attend an event or volunteer with an organization Chi Sigma has partnered with, I will represent Chi Sigma with my presence and conduct.

* I agree that I will wear the Chi Sigma T-shirt for all volunteer opportunities and will be appropriately dressed for the location of my service. I agree it is my responsibility to check specific dress code requirements for my place of service (example: closed toe shoes or no shorts permitted per the organization.) I also agree my pants or shorts or jeans or skirt will have no holes, be appropriate in length and fit (nothing extremely tight or short). Girls will wear shorts and skirts that are minimally fingertip length, if they are allowed at volunteer location. I agree that my personal hygiene will reflect a clean, wholesome image.

* I agree that I will respect the property and privacy of others. I am aware that my behavior in group settings must respect others and honor my commitments to Christ and Chi Sigma.

* I will respect and comply with all instructions established by Chi Sigma and any organization I volunteer with.

* I will observe and obey all local, state, and federal laws while driving to, attending, and leaving any Chi Sigma function or volunteer opportunities.

* I agree to always speak kindly about Chi Sigma and uphold the honor of serving Christ through all I do. I understand that if my conduct does not reflect well on Chi Sigma and Christ, I will be disciplined before Chi Sigma's Board of Directors and this could lead to dismissal from the Chi Sigma organization.

* I understand that the parent and the child are members of Chi Sigma as a team. Our memberships are interdependent and rely on each other to maintain good standing status.

The cooperation and acceptance of both child(ren) (even over 18) and a parent is needed to maintain these standards and allow me to serve in Chi Sigma. I understand the privilege of serving Christ through Chi Sigma and with my electronic signature below I am in agreement and acknowledging my accountability and responsibilities as the parent, and I am also agreeing and claiming responsibilities for my child(ren).